VirtualLens2 comes equipped with various features to enhance the photography & cinematography experience in VRChat.

Here, we will introduce some of the most distinctive features:

High-Quality Bokeh Simulation

In VRChat, the use of depth of field simulation for bokeh effects in virtual space photography has become quite common, with even the built-in camera features implementing focus control. However, there are still many challenges regarding the quality of these effects, and often, despite capturing a perfect moment, photos are discarded due to unnatural bokeh.

VirtualLens2 uses our own implementation of depth of field simulation engine to provide both higher quality bokeh and stable performance.

AI-based Face and Eye Detection Auto-Focus

Photographing avatars is frequent in VRChat. VirtualLens2 incorporates face and eye detection AI specialized for avatars used in VRChat. It assists in capturing moving subjects and achieving innovative camera work effectively.

Drone System with High Degree of Freedom

In the VR environment, you can move objects without being bound by physical laws. However, the VRChat built-in camera can only be placed within arm’s reach. With VirtualLens2’s drone functionality, you can literally move the camera freely and capture shots from places that would typically be unreachable.

Automated Setup

With the introduction of Avatars 3.0, the possibilities for avatar gimmicks have greatly expanded. On the other hand, incorporating complex gimmicks into avatars can be a significant challenge for those not familiar with Unity.

VirtualLens2 addresses this issue by including an editor extension for setup. This automates most of the setup process, allowing avatar integration to be completed with just a few clicks.